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Tirso Techwear


Tirso Workwear is specialized and involved in workwear production. We produce generic and certified clothes under European Standards. Our production unit, located in China, guarantees an average year capability based on 3.200.000 units.

Tirso Techwear

Workwear | PPE

Protective work clothing intended to protect the person from risks of minor physical damage according to the requirements established by European guidelines.

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Tirso Techwear

Quality of Fabrics
  • Abrasion and tension resistance

    (ISO 12947 – EN ISO 13934)

  • Shrinkage resistant

    (UNI EN 25077)

  • Strength and durability to ironing

    (UNI EN ISO 105-X11)

  • Washing resistant color

    (UNI EN ISO 105-D1 – UNI EN 20105)

  • Pigments test (allergies, toxicity)

    (ASTM D 276 – 87 AATCC 20 – 1998)

  • Breathability